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Rising Springs is one of the deepest known natural springs, flowing up under its own pressure from an astonishing depth of 2.2 miles.

As it rises up from 2.2 miles deep, through cracks and fissures in the dense granite Idaho Batholith ("deep rock" in Greek), the water is protected for the entirety of its 16,000 year journey by the granite and its own tremendous upward and outward pressure.

The water rushes through miles of silica quartz crystals, absorbing energy, a light minerality and a unique redox potential.

Rising Springs is essential daily nourishment for healthy cells.

Natural Mineral Supplement - 5 Liter Boxes

  • Naturally alkaline with 9.4 pH

  • 17 mg of silica in each 8 oz serving

  • Unfiltered and unprocessed geothermal spring water

  • From the deepest and purest source in North America

  • Innovative multi-use packaging great for storing, travel and eco-conscious consumers


Natural Mineral Supplement Water

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